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I'm sorry to hear that you've copped so much flack for saying what you think about this, and I'm sorry that you'll most likely cop a lot more before all this is over, and you are finally vindicated. I know how lonely it feels to be one of a handful of people making principled, evidence-based public statements that go against the prevailing wisdom. Thanks for having the courage to do it anyway.

I'm not only more informed on the subject for having read this piece, I'm also inspired to keep saying what I think is true, regardless of whether or not it's popular.

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Interesting article, thank you. I agree that the for the children framing is questionable. I do wonder at the assertion regarding the fundamentals causing the issues when I think there’s a very strong argument that overall the fundamentals are better for today’s kids than they have ever been in recorded history. And the kids are doing worse. There have always been abusive parents - but today far fewer parents beat their kids. Today’s kids don’t regularly have dead siblings and oppressed moms mourning their dreams and personhood. What has declined is community bonds and organizations and there’s a real reason to think those are in tension with the freedom and acceptance that we’ve gained. Finally, I think there is real reason to question the effectiveness of mental health practitioners. I’ve used therapy myself and I’m all for everyone having access but I’m not at all sure it will help a significant percentage of the kids. Non custodial adults in their lives are likely to be more effective not less IMO.

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Really enjoyed reading this and can relate to everything you're saying. Thanks for sharing

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